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Wednesday,May 22,2019

Personal Thoughts on Blogging

So many times over the past decade plus,a lot of my friends and readers asked me this question: "Why do you still blog?  Don't you even have writer's block?"

It may sound like a huge "yabang"to you but I seriously never had one --- siguro naman gets niyo na ever since Instagram Stories was invented --- you understood naman how talkative I am right? (Even my Coach was amazed how I can blab during the most intense boxing session!)

Aside from my talkativeness,this means so much to me.  You all seen my journey when I was just starting out,dota2雷竞技the time I pursued  Make Up Artistry to becoming a Make Up Trainer today.  How I juggled having a day job to being a freelancer wearing multiple hats.  The time my mom fell into depression to the time I tried to have baby and finally made it! (Look!  Kyle is already 6!)

As to every single posts that seems to be very pointless at some point - why do I keep on reviewing Lipsticks,blush,foundation etc...when there's a whole lot of other people who does the same?

Well,aside from the fact that I'm enjoying all these (kahit na hardwork talaga siya),I see a couple of views per post (not a lot!)but every single view means so much to me!  Whether there's just a handful of you or thousands of you on good days,   as long as someone is interested to hear me out,to read what's on my mind...I will still be here!

But I do missed those days when I see comments,people asking questions regarding the product or service I posted.  Or days I just receive comments asking me how I am!  But I guess times have changed especially with the existence of Facebook,Instagram and Twitter.

Do I feel bad about the changing times?


Of course not!  I just go with the flow and just continue to do what makes me happy.

Just like this MAC Compact Powder which I first purchased for the sake of review a decade plus ago!  Looking at my old posts makes me cringe yet smile all at the same time!

So what's the point of this post?

Wala naman!:P

But I just want to say THANK YOU,if you are here,reading my posts no matter how repetitive they seem to be!  I love you from the bottom of my heart for making me Ms.AMW or Mrs.AMW or Mommy AMW.  Thank you for continuously asking me questions and for being so nice to me because NONE of you bashed me on my wrong grammar and spelling ---> because who in the hell have time to proof read if you have gazillion things to do?  (Not me obviously)

But THANK YOU,THANK YOU for staying put.  This is not a special anniversary post or anything,this is how random gratitude is and I am "encapsulating"gratitude in a short post!

Have a wonderful day ahead and stay HAPPY!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Tuesday,January 1,2019

Happy 2019!Happy New Year!

Dear AMW friends,

January is actually my Blog anniversary,end of January to be exact and guess what?This blog is 12 years old!  Who would've thought I'd celebrate most of my life's milestones here?

From my journey to studying makeup,sharing my hardships in handling clients and looking for customers.  Turning 30 years old while I also shared the hardships of a family member going through Depression for 4 full years!  From being a Miss to Mrs.then giving birth to Kyle!

Yes,you've sen it all!  Thanks for being part of my life's journey,though my Blog comments decreased so much (40+ comments per article down to almost none at times),I knew a lot of you are still reading or browsing through my posts --- so THANK YOU for holding on.  I know there may come a time I won't blog as much (hello on blogging at least 1 post a DAY for the past decade!),I knew I won't be as interesting as before (hello Senior Citizen a couple more years!)I just want to say THANK YOU for giving me a space here on Cyberspace to share my feelings,my love and my passion.  I really appreciate every single one of you!  I don't see you as readers,instead,you are all my Cyber friend so can we just group hug?:P

I know the coming years are going to be extra challenging (parents getting old,dad suffered Stroke,etc...)but at least I know there's a whole bunch of you giving me the thumbs up and shoulder to cry on!  I know I can count on YOU just as you can count on me!

Happy New Year and please follow me on IG because that's were you really get updates on how my life goes every single day!  (Watch AMW stories - yes,shameless plus)  And I also do a lot of unboxing and initial thoughts on new products before I get to put them up here (written form)because it takes time for me to test products!

Enjoy this special start of the year and stay HAPPY!

I love you all!

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!

Tuesday,December 25,2018

Merry Christmas from AMW Family!

When Kyle was born,my wish came true and I couldn't ask for anything more but for him to be in great health and be a good person.

Of course,if God gives me more wishes to be granted,I wish for great health and safety for my whole family and of course,sharing some good vibes and blessings to YOU my dear AMW friends who have been with me for more than a decade.  Thank you,from the bottom of my heart because I still have the chance to type my well wishes here every single year!  Thank you for checking my site,for reading my thoughts and trusting my reviews.  I will keep on doing this as long as I have the passion to help and share my knowledge (and that would be a long long time pa I can tell!)I just hope you still want to read something from a Senior Citizen in the future!  #lol

Merry Christmas to you my friend,from the time I was still single to being a Mrs.down to being a mom,thanks for being part of my journey and I can't wait to share more with you!

Please let me know you're still here by commenting below!  I'd love to know that I am not talking to just anybody on cyberspace but someone with a name!  Someone I can really say THANK YOU to!

Merry Christmas!
Stay Happy,Healthy and Loved!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Sunday,April 29,2018

Stop and Smell the Coffee

It was more than a month ago,March 10,2018 to be exact when my dad fell off the stairs.  He was confined in a hospital for series of tests for 2 days and he was released as everything "seems fine".

As much as the results were all good,dad became restless,he can't move much due to pain and his usual activities which he does on his own is turning out to be a major challenge.

Fast forward to 2 weeks after the fall,I visited him as usual to feed him and give him some TLC (massage!).  I asked him what he wanted to eat - noodles,rice or congee.  And all I heard was mumble.  He can't seem to speak anymore.

We brought him to the Emergency Room and we learned his left brain suffered stroke and his speech was the first target.  The news drained me - I felt like a kid all over again.  I wanted to cry but I needed to stay strong at the same time.

Everyday seems to go by pretty quickly.  My usual crazy schedule became crazier as I need to insert hospital visits in between mommy duties.  It was tiring - yes,but it was something me and my siblings chose to do!

There's always a silver lining (as they say),true enough,there is a glimmer of light!  My dad is currently home and settled,he is still having difficulties in communicating and we need help with Speech Therapy but at least,I know he's safer!

But,as for any machine - in my case,my body.  Overwork means my body is finally going downhill.  I have difficulties waking up in the morning and I feel sleepy and tired midday.  Don't worry,I'm not depending on coffee to give me the instant boost of energy,I actually stopped drinking for quite some time surviving some days without coffee or maximum of 1 cup a day!  That's a huge change considering I'm a 3-4 cups drinker!

Top: SM Woman
Pants: Zalora
Shoes: Shoegar
Today,I realized that I need to slow down a bit.  While waiting for my son in school,I've decided to OPEN my laptop not to work but to write this personal post to share with you that my life,other peoples' lives and YOUR life isn't perfect.  We are all carrying a certain baggage on a daily basis but we try our best to put a "happy mask"on our faces because life needs to goes on!

The world won't stop just for you.

With my dad's stroke episode and my mom's near-death experience several years ago,I realized,I need to STOP and SMELL the COFFEE (Figuratively).  We need to stop and enjoy life because we may never know when our coffee will get bitter or worst,stale!

And since we're on the topic of coffee,the relaxation happened at Figaro Coffee Banawe,it wasn't the greatest place to "tambay"as the electric plugs aren't working and at some point (or some area of the room at 2nd floor),it gets hot with the sun coming through.


Saturday,February 3,2018

Some Changes I've Done for Year 2018

2018 started out pretty well.
2 days after 2018,I was hired to do the job I love most - teach makeup to a small group of eager learners!

Aside from that,I was able to work with a brand for a very important project which I can finally tick off from my bucket list!

In life,it is easier to just "go with the flow"and stick to what works! "Why change?  When everything's working out well?"

That statement gets to be blurted out so easily by me,I used to be that way,"Matigas ang ulo." (hard-headed).I disliked change so much it felt like "change"is trying to ruin the world that I'm trying the create - my tiny rigid universe.

Thankfully,my job entails me to meet,socialize and work with inspiring people.  Because of that,I got inspired,and inspiration welcomes CHANGE.  I can actually see myself changing,and it was the for the better because I can sense that!

Let's start with the simplest change in life that I managed to do.  Some sounded so childish and small,but it is because of these tiny changes I get the courage to aim for bigger goals!

Thursday,May 11,2017

A Reminder To Always Make #TimeForMom

I grew up under strict supervision from mom.She is a housewife,who does EVERYTHING for us!From taking care of our grandparents,"palengke"duties,cook us breakfast/lunch/snacks/dinner and even drove us to and from school for more than 15 years!

Aside from that,she does the laundry (hand wash lahat)and iron all our clothes. (Note: There are 4 of us siblings + grandparents + parents = you do the Math)

It was an extremely difficult task (almost impossible if I may add!),I see how she perspires as she run around doing errands without a single complaint!That's why our relationship is strictly "I-listen-to-my-mom-or-else...."There's no time for us to really talk or bond because she's too busy to even have a breather.I remembered wishing we could have a closer relationship,like my classmates and their moms!I used to wish she could be cooler like my friends' moms.

When I started working and when Mom was finally having more time on her hands,I realized,our relationship shouldn't stay that way forever.I make it a point to bond with her by taking her out for a quick facial or massage over weekend.Our relationship definitely changed from just plain "mother-daughter relationshiop"to a "closer mother-daughter relationship".It didn't happen overnight,it was a conscious effort for me to MAKE time and prioritize her.


Because this lady has done so much for me and my siblings and giving her just a couple of minutes or hours in a day will never be enough to show her how much I appreciate her.But at least,we can always start somewhere.

And to those who wonder how I get to be THIS cheerful and how I get the energy to do multiple tasks like a Super Girl?

Well,here's my tiny little secret that I'm finally sharing.Behind this "Wonder Woman"that you think I am,.I have an even better SUPER WOMAN behind me who backs me up,supports me without limit and sends me love like no other --- She is my very own mom!With her,I can be like that little kid who runs to her when I'm in trouble,when I'm tired or when I get hurt.Of course,I also run to her when I'm happy,when I'm in my best mood.I just run to her because she is my HOME.The very person who loves me for who I am without expectations or limits.

That's my secret and it really works!

Sunday,December 25,2016

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas AMW Friends!
I am very thankful EACH and every year but this year is definitely NO EXCEPTION!

Christmas actually came in early with our advance Christmas party with Beauty Blogging Friends.Celebrated at Aruga by Rockwell,we all wore black and did exchange gift during the month of November!

Then,we celebrated Christmas with the Sample Roomfamily at The Flame Restaurant at Discovery Primea Makati.Aside from the Annual Christmas Party,Sample Room also celebrates their 4th birthday with Partner Bloggers and Beauty Insiders!

Saturday,October 15,2016

Because I Want to Live More...

Hello AMW Friends,I'm Nikki Tiu (aka AskMeWhats,dota2雷竞技Ms.AMW,Mrs.AMW,AskMeMom).
A lot of my friends wonder how I go through my life each day,when I tell them,I tend to ask myself too: "How do I manage my day?"

With a lot of help of course!Before I share to you some of my secrets to stay sane amidst the crazy daily schedule,let me tell you first what I do..aside from being "Your Friendly AMW neighborhood"of course!

Stripped off from all the glamour of makeup,I wake up every morning and send my son to Preschool.The school is quite far from where I live so I've decided to wait for him half a day instead of driving back and forth.

Sunday,May 8,2016

Happy Mother's Day,Mommies!

"Am I ready for motherhood?"
Well,I used to think I have an answer.  I told everyone I love kids and would be ready as early as 18! (thankfully,di naman nangyari yon hahaha)But that very moment I gave birth,I finally knew what to say when faced with that question.

"You'll never be ready."

Even with that cute cheeky,toothless smile.  You may never be ready for sleepless nights.  You will never be ready for that constant worry whenever your little angel gets sick or whenever they cry.  You will never be ready when your heart breaks into many pieces when they hurt themselves or when you have to bring them to a hospital for an emergency.  Oh God,I will never be ready for that!
On the brighter side,you will be surprised on how much UNCONDITIONAL LOVE you feel.  You will realize how much LOVE your heart can give.

Truthfully,the joys and pains of being a parent.  Especially a mom.

Saturday,April 9,2016

Doing the Things I Love To Do!#ChangingLives

So it's been a while since I posted something personal.  The last one was " How To Deal With Mommy Burnout"

Firstly,THANK YOU for being so nice about my sentiments as a mom!  I know all of us have different ways in dealing with motherhood stress ---  "To each their own!"  as they say.  As for me,I'm so thankful I've found ways to deal with it with flair!  Though I have been spending more than 50% of my time with my son,I make sure to set aside time to do the things that makes me happy!

My Consultancy Job in an Executive Search Firm.
Yes,I still have a day job!  Shocking to most of you but yes,I sit at least 4-5 hours in front of the computer everyday the moment my son wakes up!  I do a lot of phone interviews,research and emails!  I've been doing for a decade now and I'm so thankful my boss understood my needs to work from home so here I am!  Still alive and kicking!

Thursday,December 31,2015

What I'm Thankful For - Year 2015

Continuing the series of "What I'm Thankful For - Year 2014".  Let me share to you what I'm thankful for this year!  The year 2015 was an amazing one!  I have to thank YOU guys for continuously supporting AMW and for embracing the changes!

Speaking about changes,let's not forget the Big change of look and layout on my blog!  THANK YOU guys for being so welcoming with the change!  It was a difficult goodbye for me because I have been so accustomed of my dark blue background but hey,people change,people grow and my blog needs to grow!

Sunday,November 1,2015

Anniversary Date at Stella Woodfire and A Chocolate Cake

If you follow me on any of my social media sites,you'll know that Mr.AMW and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary and on November 3 our 19th years together!

You do the math...if you can't...let's just say...we've spend more than half of our lifetime together..and I LOVE EVERY SINGLE DAY OF IT!

So cheesy right?  Well,I'm lucky God really gave me not only a partner,but my best friend for life!  I can't imagine breathing a single minute without him!  He's my number 1 fan,my ultimate support-system and he is the reason why I am THIS cheerful and positive!  Happy nth year anniversary to us Mr.AMW!

To be honest (again,not being too cheesy),everyday is really like an anniversary celebration to us.  It really boils down to who we are as a couple and let me tell you straight-out,we are extremely child-like and little things in life really make us happy!

So our 8th year celebration wasn't extremely grand but for us,it was the grandest for us because we get to spend time together amidst the extremely busy schedule.

Since I go out most of the time for meetings and blog events,I usually take notes on restaurants I've tried and liked!  So I've decided to be the "man"and take him out for lunch at Stella Woodfire.  I've dined in this restaurant a couple of times but I felt the ambiance,the location and the food is perfect for both of us.

Wednesday,September 2,2015

On Motherhood....after 2.5 years

Taking a break to talk about motherhood.

Yes,I'm on sentimental mood once again!  Kyle just had another "nose-bleeding"episode and I am more calm and in-control now unlike the first time it happened!  Just a bit of background,Kyle has several moments of nosebleeding for the past year!  Now that he's bigger,the bleeding reduced drastically but he still experience it every now and then.

As I went back to my work table and stare at his sleeping angelic face.  I can't help but tell myself to take a breather as his naptime only takes an hour and a half.  Yes,I knew his schedule by heart because I was the one who imposed it!  I know exactly what time he wakes up,what time he naps,what time he gets to eat his snacks,breakfast,lunch and dinner!  I can almost tell the exact time he does number 2.

Am I a "Hitler"mommy?

Definitely not,but I"m definitely a strict mom who follows certain rules and regulations made by...ahmm..ME!  hahahaha and everyone in the household should stick to it!

OO na,Hitler Mom na!

When I received a package from Milna Philippines c/o a good Blogger Friend , (Thanks Ginger)!I was reminded on how I used to be a mom to Kyle a year ago especially when it comes to FOOD.  And I wished I knew about these baby snacks a year ago!

"Milna is a baby snack food that is highly recommended by doctors/medical practitioners in providing nutritious food for your child during his/her developmental and gowing up years.Milna will be available in all leading groceries and supermarkets in September 2015."-- taken from their FB page.


Wednesday,July 1,2015

AMW Reports: My First Family Portrait with Pampers

Can you spot the familiar-Family portrait that I grabbed from Pampers website?

Yes!  The AMW family!  You also get to see Shen's family too! (upper right hand side).
You know how I am so into taking photos on my phone on Kyle's EVERY move!  As much as I have all his facial expressions saved in my laptop,I always choose the best ones and have them printed out and displayed in our living room and bedroom.

Monday,June 22,2015

How Do I Deal With "Mommy Burnout"

I am a mom for 2.2 years to be exact,you want me to tell you how the "ride"was?

Top and bottom: Gingersnaps
Well,I'm physically tired,I'm sleepy most of the time,my body aches here and there and oh!  24 hours a day is NEVER enough!

Monday,May 11,2015

How to deal with Depression and My Personal Story

Depression stories are popping like mushrooms on my Facebook timeline.
I am suddenly inspired to write this post.
It has been such a long time but my memory is crystal clear.  I've been meaning to write this very personal post for a LONG time but I just don't have the heart to do so.  Like I said,TOO PERSONAL.

But why do I finally decided to break my silence?  As much as this is a "beauty blog",you all know that Beauty for me is 100% skin deep.  The more you have a beautiful heart,the more beautiful you are on the outside!  That has always been my mantra!So being beautiful inside doesn't always mean sharing monetary goods or material things to others,instead,give them the best gift of all!  The gift of your precious TIME.

So before I share this super long story to you,I want to let you know that it pays to be considerate to other human beings,it pays to be sensitive on your friends' or family members' actions.  It pays just to be there,to listen,to people who are crying for help!

I'm sure some of you are new to this blog so you probably haven't read this "Temporary Hiatus"postyear 2009.  Several days before,my mom was in pain and she was advised by doctors to go through surgery for her gallbladder stones!  As much as I don't want her to rush on decision-making,my mom is secured with her decision to go through the surgery that weekend because she was in extreme pain (take note: Mom has high tolerance to pain so imagine how painful that was!)
How to deal with depression.

Saturday,February 28,2015

I am 36 Years Old Today!

Wow,I started this Blog when I was in my late 20's and look how old I am today!  Guys,I hope you still read my blog by the time I'm a Grandma okay?

Yeah,seriously,life is fun when you share tidbits about you and your passion online,I thank the Lord for giving me the knowledge to do so and I've met so many wonderful people both on and offline!

I am off to a very important event today --- to a quiet birthday celebration with my family!

Have a wonderful weekend AMW friends!
I'll talk to you guys more about beauty,makeup,skincare and POSITIVITY after this...*burps* :P Teehee

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Monday,January 26,2015

Happy 50Th Golden Wedding Anniversary Ma and Pa!

Shocking that I skipped a post yesterday right?
Well,don't be!  If you follow me on Instagram (@AskMeWhats),dota2雷竞技you'll know what kept me busy for the past few days!  I have been cramming for my mom and dad's 50th..yes...50th!  Golden Wedding Anniversary!

Okay,I can't help it,but my mom and dad looks so beautiful and handsome together!

I realized how nice it is to have brothers and sisters.  I have 2 big brothers and 1 elder sister..yes,I'm the youngest in the family (but definitely NOT spoiled!)All thanks to my mom and dad's guidance,I grew up to be who I am now because of their constant reminder to treat people well,be generous not with wealth but with love,be compassionate to others,be humble and never ask for things you don't need.

Thursday,December 25,2014

Merry Christmas From AMW Family!

Today is Jesus' Birthday,I want to greet Jesus Happy Happy Birthday!

Every Christmas,we receive gifts here and there and sometimes,we tend to forget the true meaning of Christmas.  Yes,it is Jesus' birthday,HE is the man who gave US everything!  So the least we could do is to GIVE (more)this season.  Giving maybe easy but the true meaning of "giving or gifting"is with that of a happy and grateful heart.

So today's post,I am jump-starting what I'm grateful for and you guys can continue this gratitude chain!

I,Nikki Tiu --- Mrs.AMW,am grateful for Kyle Nash.

Our first formal family photo taken at exactly December 25,2013.

Kyle's existence was celebrated even way before he was born!  I can literally feel his excitement when mommy finally reunited with her favorite McDonald's character --- the Grimace!  Yes,we had that connection back then.

Monday,December 1,2014

How to Be Happy and Contented

Okay,this post is totally different from my usual posts and I'm actually typing this as I dry my hair!  *laughs*  I had a big fan right in front of my face and suddenly,I had this trail of wonderful thoughts....on sharing my how-tos!  I've had a couple of how-tos post and those are all skincare/makeup related.  Today,it's none of those!  I'm speaking about the emotional happiness.  The physical side?  Too easy,there are so many products and methods to make you pretty!

Okay,not saying I'm pretty here but I did use makeup to help me look at least "decent"to leave the house.

Long-time AMW reader would know why I started this blog and why this blog is called AskMeWhats.dota2雷竞技 you know ba? (still waiting)