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Tuesday,October 25,2016

SAEM Saemmul Luminous Multi-Shading Review

Happy "Luminous and multi-shade-your cheeks"Tuesday!Yes guys and girls,I understand how difficult it is for you to wake up early in the morning let alone do your makeup!We want more sleep right?So I got something to share to you guys for you to look at least "half decent"even with just ONE swipe!I've recently discovered a Korean brand called Saemmul through Altheaand this cheek product seems to be giving me the "healthy glow"I need.

Saemmul Luminous Multi-Shading Powder
Php520.00 (available

a photo of NIkki Tiu AskMeWhats SAEM Saemmul Luminous Multi-Shadingdota2雷竞技

This is a more natural way to contour because the darkest color isn't dark at all!And if you swirl your blush,the colors just blend so well together it gives your cheeks color,warmth and glow!

Wednesday,July 20,2016

Happy First Birthday Althea!Unboxed my Althea Birthday Box!

When Altheawent live here in the Philippines,I was one of the lucky "few"who got the chance to shop for new and upcoming brands known in Korea!Thankfully,all my Althea "online shopping experiences"were wonderful so I don't mind browsing their site every once in awhile to check out new and trendy items!

Who would've thought it has already been 1 full year of me stalking their site,it has been ONE FULL YEAR of me getting to know more about Korean Beauty and Skincare products?

Let me be the first few too to say: "Happy 1st Birthday Althea!"

A photo of #AltheaTurns1

After constantly shopping at Althea,I got a surprise "different"box this time!With the same "pink color palette",it has a couple of cute balloons printed on the box!Also,inside the kit,I also got a DIY Party KIT (hint: A party hat that I used on the first photo)