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Thursday,January 8,2015

Readers' Corner: Q&A Portion to Jumpstart 2015

Hi AMW friends!
Today,I will be answering some queries I get from my email!  I think I have to do this or else,I will be loaded forever!  :P  Don't get me wrong,I am very happy with all your emails because that keeps me going!  If you wonder how I get the time to blog?  That's for you to find out *winks*  Just joking,I do so in between breaks!  When I have coffee break or right now,a Calamansi juice break!

Reader Question #1
"What should I invest on aside from makeup kit and brushes if I plan to pursue a career in makeup artistry?"

AMW Answers:
Okay,my answer may probably surprise you but I can actually  put this in an "Unsung Hero"post.  After years of doing makeup,I realized how important Z-Palette is (or any customizable palettes available in the market)for a PRO MUA like me!  Especially when I started to go on gigs on my own,lugging a huge Zuca bag,it is very difficult to transfer from one place to another (ALONE)with a luggage full of makeup,a huge mirror and a bag!

I first "depotted"all my face powders and transferred it to my first Pink Z-Palette and I realized not only does it help lessen the load of my kit,it is very easy for me to do retouch as I only need to carry 1 palette instead of 6 compacts!

I got more Z-palettes and I plan to depot some of my blushes and contour/highlight powders!

I got my 2nd Z-palette online via Shopping District.

Reader Question #2
"Nikki,can you recommend a lipgloss brand that has wide range of colors just like MAC but lesser the price tag?"

Wednesday,October 29,2014

Tip for the Day: Big Hair Don't Care

Hi AMW friends!  Happy Humpy Wednesday!  Today,I will be sharing my first "Hairstyle Tutorial"blogpost because I received emails requesting on how I do my "Big hair"when I posted several photos of it on my Instagram account.  You guys know how Non-techie I am so instead of videos,I'm creating photoTorial instead (Photo Tutorial) :P

I'm always in a rush,so trust me when I say,once you get the hang of this,you wont' take more than 5 minutes to create Big Sexy Hair!

You may need the following: (Not everything on photo as I only have 2 hands :P)

Monday,February 10,2014

AMW Reviews: Biolage Colorcare Therapie Shampoo and Conditioner

Hi AMW Friends!
It's a hair product day today!  I know I haven't really talked much about hair products as I find them to take a bit of time and several uses before I can really say if it's good or not!  But I do get a lot of email queries on what's the best shampoo and conditioner and to be honest,I always answer them: "It really depends on your hair situation."

I have to admit,there's NO brand out there that could really make my hair look like a hair shampoo commercial unless if I go through Rebond service or Permanent Blow Dry services.  I can improve the "feel"or look of my hair but it takes time and a whole lot of effort!

So far,my best advice is to deep condition your hair at least once a week with hair treatment of choice plus use clarifying shampoos at least once or twice a week depending on how much hair products you  use in a day!

Today,I will be sharing one of my favorite shampoo and conditioner brand,Biolage by Matrix.  I have used Biolage more than a decade ago when this brand isn't even available in the local market!  My best friend,who lives in Canada then,went for a Rebond Treatment (which was really new and very expensive during that time)was advised to use Biolage Products by her Hairstylist and she loved the results!  Since my best friend and I have almost the same hair condition,she purchased me a set and I ended loving them too!

Fast forward to today,I may have used a lot of shampoo and conditioner brands but Biolage will always have a special place in my heart!  So when I was invited to be one of Matrix Ambassador for the year 2014,I immediately said YES!  And what's even more exciting?  I got to take home these....

Ahh,brings back good 'ol memories!  I used to really scrimp on using these!

Biolage says ---