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Shangqiu Institute of Technology

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    Shangqiu Institute of Technology is a general undergraduate college ratified by the Ministry of Education. The college now covers an area of 76.67 hectares, a construction area of 308,230 square meters, 120 laboratories, training workshops, 128 off-campus training bases, and the library holds 1,067 ,000 volumes of paper books.

    The college has 11 teaching units, including School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, School of Nursing, School of Media and Art, School of Management, School of Information and Electronic Engineering, School of Continuing Education, Teaching Department of Ideological and Political Theory Education, Teaching Department of Physical Education, Teaching Department of Basic Education, Teaching Department of Public Art Education. It has 55 specialties, including civil engineer, machine design manufacture and automation, computer science and technology, accounting, electronic information engineering, architectural engineering technology, environmental design, journalism and production, graphic image production, animation design and manufacture, computer application, logistics management. At present, there are over 12,992 full-time students studying in this college.

    The college has won many honorary titles in succession, including “AAA Chinese College of Higher Education in terms of Integrity, Management and Quality”, “Advanced Unit in Education Scientific Research of the National 11th Five-Year Education”, “Model Unit in National Forestation Environmental Protection”, “Excellent College of Higher Education in He Nan”, “Characteristic College in He Nan”. The Characteristics of Shangqiu Institute of Technology have been reported by many medium, including CCTV, China Youth Daily, China Education TV, Consumption Daily, China Education, Henan Daily, Henan TV, Shangqiu Daily and Shangqiu TV.